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Ainsdale Methodist Church Exterior


Ainsdale Methodist Church is a warm, friendly, caring Church at the heart of the Ainsdale Community. Our mission statement is to share locally and globally in the whole Church's purpose of the worship of God and the care of people. We aim to do this through our varied programme of worship, study and fellowship activities and through the work of the Care Scheme sponsored by Ainsdale Methodist Church.

Our usual times of worship are 10.45am (Holy communion usually the first Sunday of the month), 6.30pm - Holy Communion usually second Sunday of the month, and 9am - Holy Communion usually on the third Sunday of the month.

Ainsdale Methodist Church is by the Village Green on Liverpool Road at Ainsdale. View Location Map

This site has been designed to comply with the safeguarding guidelines of the Methodist Church. Details of the guidelines can be found on the Methodist Church Website.

Ainsdale Methodist Church Garden of Remembrance
Garden of Remembrance
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